To get long-lasting fun on the race track we will be pleased to show you, in the form of a one-day course, everything you need to know about technology. Learn from us and find out what your SAKER needs to deliver a long, high level of fun.

A basic technical understanding is a prerequisite, so we guarantee the best possible learning success. Drivers and other team members are, of course, welcome, they get a deep insight into the matter and can be convinced by the uniqueness of the SAKER models.


Components of the training

The following knowledge is gained by the participants:

– Regular maintenance of SAKER vehicles
– Set-up and easy set-up changes
– Sensor data read-out and fault diagnosis
– Correct spare parts and liquids
– Necessary tools and their handling


Program sequence

In addition to a comprehensive course book, the participants receive a certificate after completion. During the course period from 9 am to 5 pm, SAKER technicians and designers will be at your disposal.

Location of the training, which is designed for six to twelve persons, is SAKER Sportscars in Wapenveld, Netherlands.

Sign up today, by email or call: +316 28 181 871,