SAKER Sportscars – Affordable Racing

Merging with the race car, the search for the decisive tenth, flickering engine hoods and roaring engines – you love racing? We from SAKER Sportscars do too.

This passion lies in every one of our vehicles: Fantastic handling, low center of gravity, unrivaled grip – that all comes with a small price tag.

Many years of know-how enable us to combine top performance with attractive prices. Conquer the racetracks of this world … SAKER makes it possible!


Choose from two main models, each with closed or open top.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Flow-optimized shape
  • Low center of gravity and low weight (<800 kg)
  • Accurate adjustment of down force and performance
  • Quick and easy handling without mechanic team
  • Robust and durable construction also on the long distance
  • No complicated setup settings required
  • Top value for money
  • Safety through precise tests
  • Continuous development

Fast. And agile.

Fighting drag and g-forces, one needs the right tools. All SAKER cars combine downforce and performance, perfectly attuned and calculated. Thus equipped, they conquer straights with their sheer power and crucially shave tenths of seconds of lap times where the boys are separated from the men, in the corners.

Perfectly balanced.

flow optimised shape is required if one is out to trick the forces of nature. All the better if it also sports a breath taking look. All the weight is centralised between the axles, making the car easy to control and creating confidence which is essential on the relentless tarmac.

Easy to adjust.

Are you looking for a fun time, do you want to tune out and leave everyday life behind? Look no further than SAKER! You don’t need a complicated setup or a team of mechanics to drive our thoroughbreds the way they are meant to be driven. Additionally, you can even share the fun thanks to our two-seater configuration.

Racing is in SAKER’S DNA.

Fighting, nailing the apex, turning in, revving the engine and finishing on top! Thanks to their sturdy construction, our SAKERS wow with their excellent long-distance qualities. All components such as shock absorbers, brakes and the engine can be accessed easily to be able to quickly repair them if need be which guarantees outstanding times on and off the track.

The right choice.

Sourced from Subaru, the 2.0 4-cylinder boxer engine meets all these requirements. Its compact and slim construction gives SAKER cars a low centre of gravity. With 275 bhp, it propels the thoroughbreds weighing in at around 800 kilograms with ease. At the same time, it’s a proven and reliable motor – a heart that fits our top performers like a glove. All components can be replaced quickly and easily, helping drivers to push themselves to the limit.


Racing puts engines to the toughest possible test. In order to deliver the performance one expects from a SAKER lap after lap, the engine must be durable.

Low center of gravity.

The engine must be mounted low to guarantee a low centre of gravity and a balanced handling.

Timeless innovation.

At SAKER, we strive for nothing less than the best. After all, our customers don’t race to finish second either. That’s why permanent development to make our cars as efficient as possible plays an essential role at SAKER. In the process, safety always takes centre stage. Every change is subjected to a number of precise tests aimed at examining material, endurance and durability.

Purity law.

Our cars are designed to just get in and race, making no compromises. We aim at getting the most out of the engine, without taking it too far. The results are high levels of durability and long maintenance intervals of more than 100 hours.